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The ProblemBig Tech monopolies are abusing their power.

For too long, Big Tech monopolies have abused their unchecked power as gatekeepers of information, communications, and commerce to maximize corporate profits. They have exploited their market dominance and our outdated antitrust laws to acquire and kill competitors, crush small businesses and news publishers, enforce punishing working conditions, surveil and profile people, and manipulate public discourse and undermine democracy.

Today, Big Tech monopolies exercise greater and greater control over our lives. Growing more powerful, and more ubiquitous, they operate with increasing impunity – abusing workers, bullying regulators, and antagonizing customers to line their own pockets.

Facebook buys up rivals to maximize control over our lives.

“It is better to buy than compete,” according to Mark Zuckerberg. And buy, Facebook did. Facebook has maintained its monopoly by buying or burying any business that threatens their market share. Instagram, WhatsApp, Giphy, Onavo, Oculus, Kustomer, and CrowdTangle all started as independent businesses, but Facebook bought them all up, gaining even more power and data with every purchase.


Amazon cornered the online market and uses its dominance to crush smaller competitors.

Amazon’s stranglehold over the digital economy is one of the top threats facing independent businesses. Amazon imposes high fees on sellers, blocks sellers from offering lower prices on other sites, bars sellers from having a direct relationship with customers, and shuts down businesses without due process.


Google elevated its own products in search results.

An independent analysis found that Google products showed up at the top of the Google search results page in a staggering 91% of tested searches. Google was even fined a record €2.4 billion by the EU for manipulating search results to demote rivals and promote their own services.


Apple suppressed competitors in its mobile app store.

Apple makes sure its apps are displayed first — even if they’re unrelated to your search — making it hard for independent app developers to gain traction with consumers.


The SolutionIt's time to rein in Big Tech

Historic bipartisan legislation in Congress would rein in Big Tech’s monopoly power and corruption.

Better for You

Big Tech monopolies abuse their power to eliminate competition – which means they don’t have to care about your experience using their products. They have no incentive to prioritize your best interests and wellbeing or protect your safety and privacy. They face no consequences for the harms of their business decisions, like amplifying extremist content and health misinformation, exacerbating teen depression, and more. They should be competing for you by building great products, not exploiting you because you have nowhere else to go.

Better for Workers

Just since the start of the pandemic, Big Tech has bought up more than 50 other companies and grown $3 trillion richer – all while workers struggled to survive. Corporate giants like Amazon use their power to underpay, surveil, and abuse workers without any accountability. And thanks to their ever-expanding dominance of the labor market, Big Tech is leading a race to the bottom across the economy, depressing wages, and workplace standards across many different industries.

Better for Small Business Owners

Facebook, Google, and Amazon now control roughly 90% of both the digital advertising and search engine markets in the U.S. and the majority of all e-commerce, effectively leaving small business owners at their mercy if they want to reach customers online. Small businesses’ fate is often in the hands of these tech monopolists. They rig the marketplaces they operate in by imposing exorbitant fees, demanding oppressive terms, offering no transparency, and extracting valuable data from independent manufacturers and retailers that depend on its platform. These tactics often put sellers and manufacturers out of business.

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